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1: chinese medicine for Gastrocnemius cramps(leg cramps)click here
2: Herb soup for damp evil click here
3: Heel pain click here
4: cupping and moxibustion for shingles click here
5: Breasts swollen click here
6: Traditional chinese medicine increase IVF success rate click here
7: Insomnia click here
8: Neck pain or stiff neckclick here

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Heel pain

Heel pain is common and is a frequent complaint. Western medicine says that it's caused by bone spur or by inflammation. Some patients suffer from heel pain for a long time as it's difficult to heal. Very painful early morning and more so when touching the floor. It looks like a small problem but it's very disturbing.

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Neck pain or stiff neck

Neck problems are getting more common and are affecting people at increasingly younger ages.
Neck pain or stiff neck can be only one muscle in tension or one meridian blocked, the symptoms will be simple.
And it’s easy to be cured. But sometimes neck pain or stiff neck caused by many muscles in tension or many meridians blocked,
symptoms will be much more complicated, even it can cause high blood pressure and heart problems.....and it’s very difficult to be cured.
Treatments may need to correct the structure, relax muscles and facia, relieve contracture, improve local area blood supplies.
Acupuncture with TuiNa ( acupressure ), cupping and moxibustion are the most effective treatment for complicated neck conditions.
Related main muscle
1: trapezius
2: levator scapulae muscle
3: anterior scalene
4: sternocleidomastoid
5: supine muscle

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Related main meridians
1: Du meridian
2: Bladder meridian
3: Goal bladder meridian
4: Small intestine meridian
5: SanJiao meridian

Related main symptoms
Headache,Migraine, Dizziness, Insomnia, Amnesia(Memorry loss), Epilepsy, hypertension,
Facial paralysis, Hemifacial spasm, Gout, Cerebral insufficiency,Tachycardia,
Strabismus, Myopia, Tinnitus, Lethargy, Allergic rhinitisAcne, Eczema, Cough, Toothache, Trigeminal neuralgia, swallowing discomfort

If the neck muscles is in tense and the neck meridians are blocked, these can cause many symptoms.

No matter what symptoms you suffer from or how long you have suffered them, we can help you with different types of treatments including acupuncture, cupping, scrapping, moxibustion or herb tea to reduce the tension, unblockage, improve circulation.
Most of the symptoms will disappear.

Please feel free for consultation

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Chinese medicine for Gastrocnemius cramps(leg cramps)

Many people have had leg cramps especially during sleeping time. The cramps often wake you up and it's very painful.
Seeing a doctor you will be told that these cramps happen due to lack of Calcium and then you start to take Calcium pills. In some cases it helps, in others it makes hardly any difference.
According to records in Chinese medicine, lack of Calcium is not acknowledged as the cause of Cramps.

Blog. 芍药甘草汤

Chinese medicine says that all cramp problems are due to liver problems, because the liver is with muscles and tendons. Liver blood deficiency can not nourish muscles, tendons and ligaments.

There is a very famous and effective formula for cramps: BaiShao (Root of herbaceous peony) GangChao (Licorice). These release cramps quickly.

If you suffer from having cramps then kindly contact us or any Chinese medicine doctors for the proportion of ingredients and how to take it.

Herb soup for damp evil

Dampness is very stubborn, sticky and heavy.
Dampness is associated with the spleen and is connected with a lot of metabolic diseases, such as Diabetes, High cholesterol, Fat, High blood pressure and so on.
Due to it's properties, diseases caused by dampness are rather difficult to cure.
Dampness evil does easily damage or affect spleen function. The spleen likes dryness but hates dampness. The spleen is in charge of water-dampness and food transport. If the spleen function slows down or gets affected it will produce more water-dampness and waste which is not normal.

How do you know whether your body has high dampness?
1: Greasy hair or oily face
2: Abdomen getting big
3: Often feeling sleepy, tired or body heavy
4: Lower body feeling wet, female discharge
5: Sticky stool, difficult to wash away, or diarrhea
6: Tongue with thick coating or teeth print on the tongue's sides
7:When cupping there will be water blisters

If you have 2-3 of the above, it means your body has high dampness, you should be careful.
Do not wait to let your spleen damage more.
A good herb soup will clear the dampness. It’s called YIMI HONGDOU soup.
The two ingredients are food, no side affects.

For more details please feel free to call us on 02000114626.

Herpes Zoster

Shingles in medical terms called Herpes Zoster, is a viral disease characterised by a painful skin rash with blisters in a limited area on one side of the body.
The pain and rash most commonly occurs on the torso, but can appear on the face, around the eyes or other parts of the body.
Shingles can become a chronic condition in some individuals if not treated immediately. It results in post-herpetic neuralgia that lasts months or even years. This never pain can be stubborn and sometimes does not respond to acupuncture treatment very well.
So when you suffer from shingles, you should get treatment as soon as possible to avoid the post-herpetic neuralgia.
Shingles is caused by fire or damp-heat in the Liver and Gallbladder channels and Qi blood stagnation.
The treatments for shingles are herb tea (e.g Long Dan Xie Gan tang), acupuncture (needle TaiChong point YanLinQuan point A Shi Xue …) herb cream and so on.
But the quickest and most effective treament by my experience is Cupping and Moxibustion. Using needles to break the blisters and then apply cupping to suck out the venom (poisonous fluids), followed by Moxibustion to dry them. This should be done daily for a few times. Please feel free to ask for more details if you suffer from shingles.

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According to chinese medicine's meridian theory, there are two meridians running through the heel. Kidney meridian runs through the inside of the heel, bladder meridian runs through the outside of the heel.

If there is a blockage around the heel, Qi can not flow freely, thus resulting in heel pain. this is similar to inflammation.
Another reason is kidney deficiency, also resulting in heel pain. This is similar to bone spur, because kidneys are with bone.

Accupuncture with massage are very effective for blockage causing heel pain. The result is quick than injecton.and stay longer.
Liu Wei Di Huang Wang are very good for kidney deficiency causing heel pain

But sometimes the heel pain can be both blockage and deficiency. so the treatment has to be combined

Swollen Breasts

Many female patients have the feeling of swollen or sore breasts before or around their monthly period. Most of them think it’s normal and never pay any attention to it.
In fact it is not normal. Liver meridian passes directly through the breast. Swollen Breasts signal Liver Qi or Liver blood stagnation in the breast area. Women are more emotional and stressed which easily causes Liver Qi stagnation, therefore, breast swelling is very common.
If nothing is done at the begin it can develop further, sometimes quite badly. This why many women have lumps in their breasts. These lumps can be benign or malignant and can also cause some other health problems e.g. infertility, irregular periods, anxiety, PMT, migraine and so on. These make a simple problem become more complicated.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is very good at smoothing Liver Qi and cleaning blood stagnation. So you should consult a TCM doctor when you suffer from swollen breasts before or during your periods to easily avoid breast related health problems. Do not ignore the light system.

Traditional chinese medicine increase IVF success rate

Women who can not get pregnant naturally have a health problem, such as irregular period, period pain, swollen breasts before period, migraine, lower back pain, insomnia, anxiety, tiredness/fatigue, constipation, hair loss, cold hands, cold feet and so on.

If your health is not good, even after taking IVF treatment, you will not get pregnant easily, even if you take two or three times IVF treatment to get pregnant and you will not be relaxed during the entire pregnancy period.

To treat infertility in women of Western Countries many of them go for IVF treatment. They may not know that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is very successful in the treatment of infertility and at the same time improves the feeling of wellbeing. Some get pregnant during the TCM treatment and do no longer need IVF treatment.

Chinese medicine believes that liver and kidney deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency or stagnation and cold and dampness in the womb are main causes for infertility.
Liver and kidney are with the hormone system. Liver, kidney, Qi and blood are deficient. Ovarian recession. The FSH increases, Estrogen and Progesterone produce less
Qi blood stagnation and cold damp in the womb, causing poor blood circulation in the uterus. Fertilised eggs can not embed inside the womb easily.
IVF more work for hormone disorder, but TCM works for both conditions.
If infertile women consider to take IVF treatment, it's better to have TCM treatment for three months before IVF treatment.
Chinese herbs and acupuncture can balance the hormone levels, improve blood flow in the uterus, reduce stress and anxiety and enhance the body health.
IVF and TCM together will double the success.


Many people suffer from insomnia every night even when taking sleeping pills regularly before going to bed.
There are different types of insomnia according to chinese medicine.
1: The night time from 1am to 3 am are for liver. Liver Yang is too high or exceeds Liver heat can cause sleep problem. the feature is Insomnia with irritable or impatient mood. Take chrysanthemum tea before sleep if your insomnia is not too bad.
2: Liver blood deficiency. Difficult to go to sleep.Take SUAN ZAO REN WAN tablets after consulting chinese medicine doctor for diagnosis.
3: Heart and spleen deficiency. Tired but cannot sleep. Take GUI PI WAN tablets. Consult chinese medicine doctor for diagnosis.
4: Heart and kidney inharmony. Insomnia with strange dreams and lower back sore. Take HUANG LIAN A JIAO Tang. Consult chinese medicine doctor for diagnosis.
5:Blood stagnation: Insomnia with headache. Take XUE FU ZHU YU TANG. Consult chinese medicine doctor for diagnosis.
Insomnia in some patients is not so typical and so simple. Sometime two or three types come together which makes insomnia very difficult to treat.
Chinese medicine believe that sleep problem with heart and brain(head). so there are some acu-points and reflex areas for all types of insomnia.

Blog. 头部刮痧黑白图

1: Massage your toes before sleeping. toes are brain(head) reflex area
2: Scrape your whole head before sleeping
3: Massage heart meridian or SHEN MEN acu-point on heart meridian.
4: Drink one glass of SUAN ZAO REN tea. For dosage consult chinese medicine doctor.

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5: Massage YongQuan acupoint which at the bottom of the feet before sleep. this can clean extra heat and harmony heart and kidney
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