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There are many external reflex zones on different parts of the human body. TCM (traditional chinese medicine) doctors can diagnose a patient's internal health condition by watching and touching or pressing the external related reflex zones. This is one way out of four methods of diagnosing a patient's health condition and even predict some health problems before a case becomes acute. In the chinese medical history there is no modern clinical diagnosing equipment as we diagnose patients' health, such as internal changes, by looking at pictures of four different reflex zones - feet, ears, face, hands - collectively called body hologram.

Body hologram

Gallery #01

Face hologram

Gallery #02

Ear hologram

Gallery #03

Ear hologram

Gallery #04

Foot hologram

Gallery #05

Hand hologram (left)

Gallery #06

Hand hologram (right)

Gallery #07

Hand hologram (right)

Earlobe line

A line/crease on the earlobe shows that the heart blood supply
is not good enough. You may feel chest tightness, short
breath, palpitation, insomnia or risk at having a heart
attack or, you may feel nothing.  

The deeper and clearer
the earlobe line/crease, the higher the risk for a heart
attack. Two ear creases are worse than one.  

Gallery #08

Ear line 1

Gallery #09

Earlobe line 2

Gallery #10


Leg cupping
to open bladder meridian

Gallery #11

Cupping with bleeding
The quickest way to clean the blood

Gallery #12

Cupping with blood blister
It shows blood toxins

Gallery #13


Back scraping
Dark red colour shows heavy toxins

Gallery #14

Under tongue venis

It shows heavy blood stagnation

Gallery #15

Dark colour tongue

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