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Services offered #01

Chinese herbal treatments

* Have been used for thousands of years
* For underlying root cause of diseases and improving body constitution
* Effective safe herbal treatment results from qualified TCM practitioners and high quality herbal ingredients
* Customised herbal treatment for individual health needs
* Herbal treatments have different formulations such as herb teas, herb pills or herb capsules for internal use. Herb creams, herb oils, herb patches for external use

Services offered #02


* Has been used for thousands of years
* Accepted and practised by western medicine as well
* Safe, natural, effective without side effect
* Drug free pain-relief, quicker than pain killer
* Needle selected disease-related acupoints alongside meridians
* Sterile one-time-use fine needles, painless

Services offered #03


* Has been used for thousands of years
* Very helpful for all kinds of conditions, especially for Yang deficiency, cold and stagnant conditions, chronic disease and hard-to-cure health problem
* Normally combined with acupuncture, more effective

Services offered #04

Cupping and scraping

* Has been used for thousands of years. commonly used by people at home
* The quickest way to detox blood, muscles and meridians
* Relief the pain immediately

TuiNa Massage or Acupressure

* Work on the meridians and acupoints by TCM practitioners' hands
* Very popular by all kinds of patients
* can relieve muscle tension, soreness and strain, as well as insomnia, arthritis, bursitis, headaches, sciatica, digestive problems, stress, anxiety, depression and much more
not only does the massage feel good, help you relax, improve your range of motion and relax your muscles, it can also enhance your overall health and well-being
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